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First you need to install the plugin,follow this link


Remember to Enable it.

" For Illustration ,I am Configuring it for USPS First class for some areas of Texas,United States"

3)Define Method From Admin Panel,

If your Plugin is installed and enabled than move to 
Administrator Panel,

Virtuemart Tab --> under VirtueMart Control Panel -->Under Shop Side Panel -->Shipment Methods 
You will see screen like this->

Click on "New" button,



Under Tab Shipment Method Information 

Enter Shipment name* important 


"It is important users will see this Name Entered by You,I am giving "USPS First Class®" because I am going to define USPS First Class® in Configuration Parameter.


In Shipping Methods

you will see new "USPS®" options above "VMSHIPMENT_USPS_PLUGIN",select it as shipping method 

and fill other fields as per your needs.


Then,Click on Save Button. This will only save your shipping method but it will not be working as configuration Parameters are Not set.In Next Step we are going to Illustrate this,


3)Define configuration settings,from back end

Under Configuration Tab,



i)Enter Countries for which you want this shipment method available and blank for all countries.

In my Case,United States


ii)Put your USPS username and USPS password provided by USPS® for their Production Server

Follow this link



iii)ZIP Origin,

Zip of your shop or Place where delivery will be collected to be Delivered.

In My case,



Parcels are easier to process and deliver ,follow this link for more information


In My case,



v)USPS Services

Select from the available services of USPS shipping Methods.

In  My Case,as I explained earlier 

USPS First Class 


vi)First class Mail Type[Set to other if in parameter "USPS Services",you have not selected  USPS First Class

USPS First class service have these available mail type

For more details


In My case,




v)Size of MAIL

Size of MAIL either Large or Regular.


In My Case,


Next Parameters are only required if,size is Large

vi)Length/Longest Part(Required if:Large package size)
vii)Height(Required if:Large package size)
viii)Width(Required if:Large package size)

In My Case,All above Parameters are Blank because size is Regular.


If large size is used,needs to set either to RECTANGULAR or NON-RECTANGULAR else,choose VARIABLE or according to your condition.

In My case,



All Other Options are simillar to Weight and countries,insert them as per your needs.

x)ZIP range start

In My case,75001

xi)ZIP range end

In My case,75501

Through Zip Range you can set Regions in which you want to ship your packages


xii)Lowest Weight  [always keep >0]

In My case,1

xiii)Highest Weight [Less than <70 pounds]

In My case,13 as USPS First Class Maximum weight limit.

For other methods,it is different

xiv)Weight Unit

In My case,Ounce

In My case,leave them blank

xv)Minimum number of products
xvi)Maximum number of products
xvii)Minimum order amount
xviii)Maximum order amount
xix)Package Fee

After This Your Shipment Method is Configured and Live.
Any Product during checkout will show USPS first class methods as one of Shipping Method to users if it full fills configured condition,Make sure it is Published.



For Test Billing address as Defined here during checkout,



I am getting,Price from USPS server

After user select USPS as shipping method and Places order,shipping rates are added in total.

Under VirtueMart Control Panel --> Orders and Shoppers Tab-->Orders

we can see orders,just placed by me at above description.


if we click on that order number in order details we can see shipping method as USPS first class,


In total we can see,shipping Fee,


That s It !!! 

The USPS® Word Mark  are trademarks of the "United States Postal Services" Foundation used in this Plugin anywhere in Code and Documentation.

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