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Pussy torture (also known as vagina torture, female genitorture, or female genital torture) is a BDSM or sexual activity involving the application of pain or pressure to a vulva or vagina, typically in the context of sadomasochism. Pussy torture is meant to be done consensually in the case of BDSM; the recipient may take part in order to receive pleasure from the activity, or to provide pleasure to their sadistic dominant, or both.

13 Horrifying Torture Methods Used On Women

The pear of anguish was inserted into the vagina and would be gradually cranked opened, tearing apart the woman’s reproductive organs. The instrument was also used on suspected homosexuals. It was later modified to be forced into the mouth of people accused of heresy.

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The device was slipped into the victim’s anus or vagina before a key was used to open its spoon-like devices. Some accounts assert the torture tool was used on women accused of self-abortion and adultery, homosexuals, and a variation of the device, known as the Choke Pear, was used to prevent a liar or blasphemer from speaking.

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2. Brushing the vagina. This extremely brutal and shameless torture is widely used on female practitioners. Practitioner Yang Xiulian was subjected to this torture in 2002 while she was detained in the Hantai District Detention Center in Hanzhong City, Shanxi Province.

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2. The chair's point was usually inserted into the anus or vagina, stretching the orifice. 3. The victim was slowly lowered via ropes. 4. The torture might last a few hours or, sometimes, a few ...

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15 Teddy Bear Vibe. Two things that any good sex toy should have are the ability to both scratch those super hard-to-reach places and the ability to warp the mind of a child should they ever stumble upon it by accident. This nightmarishly well-endowed bear accomplishes both rather nicely.

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Video Scenes of 'sadistic' torture captured on tape - ABC News. 24/7 Coverage of Breaking News and Live Events. Return to Live Coverage.

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2. You can then attach a shower hose to clean yourself out and possibly explode your insides. If this doesn't amuse you in any way, you can also make use of this terrifying thing that was purposely modeled after a medieval torture device: Fun Website Quote: Insertable Length: 4.5 in. Continue Reading Below.

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The torture of the Gestapo (25 photos) Март 2, 2016 Автор: Юлия Клюева. It is a small neat house in Kristiansade next to the road in the port of Stavanger, and during the war was the most horrible place throughout the south of Norway. «Skrekkens hus» — «House of terror" — so named it in the city. Since January 1942 ...

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8:33. Chinese Torture Atrocities: Beheadings Death by a 1000 Cuts. Note: Mao's Wife Demands the president of China be tortured to "death by 1000 cuts." Carey Mccarty. 0:08. Read voices and groans and shrieks and wailings: The Incidence of Wife Torture and Wife Murder. Alviena1 Azuna55. 4:59.