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V Shape Sliding Wheel Bearing
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  • Built-In Bearings Skateboarding

    608 Ceramic Built-In Bearings 608 RS with 6 PCS ceramic built in skate bearings are with six biger balls and strong nylon cage ,we can provide with customzied service and free samples can be provide before order . more

  • 6304ZZ High Temp Bearings

    6304ZZ High Temperature Bearings 20*52*15mm 6304 high temperature bearings are produce with high temperature steel and high temperature resistant grease at 350 °C ,free sample can be provide before order . more

  • 627 Skate Bearing

    ABEC-9 627RS Orange Skate Bearing 7*22*7mm Roller Skate Bearings are produce with high precisio nAVEC-9 Chrome steel Gcr15 ,and nylon cage ,one side with orange seal , we can provide with customized service ,free sample are available before order . more

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